Welcome to the Vizual Care Network. VCN is the social network where people everywhere work together on the production of their own media so everyone can have a way to make money; express their self to the world; and be understood in every language. The “care you can see” network is here to help you find translators; interpreters; graphic and other artists to collaborate with so you can have your vizual {or what you picture in your mind when you listen to music, poems, stories, sermons, and other} media understood and made available for {the equivalent of} two dollars around the globe.


We have all the technology and talent needed in our communities to accomplish everything written in Our Business Plan to Change the World - all we have to do is start working together. We’ve just kicked off our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign and look forward to the expansion of our movement and website. For responding to this call for reasonable collaboration, I thank you.


Now, let’s get to work on your vizual media! How can your new network help you?